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Project Experience


Miami-Dade International Airport - Since 2005

North Terminal Development Program
Concourse A Gates 17 and 19 - taxiway asphalt repair
Runway 9-27 (light can base replacement)
Eastern U Cargo Apron Taxi lane
Sonic Aviation Building 857 drainage improvements
Removed Retaining Wall at Southwest Gate
Gates H and J Spot 14 (gate parking for airplane)
Taxiway Q between S and U
Gates G and H Spot 13 (gate parking for airplane)
USDA Fumigation Facility
MIA Concourse D (Gates A17 to A21)
Asphalt pavement repair RM-6
Taxiway E and F resurfacing between gates
MIA taxiway settlement investigation
Runways 8R-26L, 9-27 rubber removal
Dike Area 10 fuel tender station
Runway 12-30 center light repairs
Pavement repair at Taxiway A – asphalt overlay
Taxiway Q between S and U
Heliport roof remediation project
8R/27L project
Taxiway settlement investigation
Concourse D and E Taxiway repairs
Concourse A Gate 17 and 19 - taxiway asphalt repair
MDAD Operated Airports and Facilities project
Fuel hydrant repair at Gate H-7
Taxi-lane settlement investigation for Concourses A, D, E

Ft. Lauderdale - Hollywood International Airport - Since 1997

New Maintenance Building
Task I - West side site prep and utilities, infrastructure and perimeter road
Task II - Taxiway C paving, west side interior service road
Task III and IV- Taxiway expansions
Taxiway C expansion project
Task 2B (taxiway for new terminal)
4-Year qualification based contract - $1.7B expansion (1997 - 2001)
Runway and taxiway expansion and resurfacing
60 acre remote parking area
7 level parking garage

Palm Beach International Airport

Holding Pad A
Rehabilitation of taxiway and aprons runway expansion
Taxiways C, D, F, G, H, M
Aprons D and E