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Biscayne Housing Group LLC
Project: Notre Dame Apartments, Bonita Cove Apartments

Inspection Services

STRUCTURAL INSPECTION SERVICES: Per Florida Statute (FS Chapter 553), any structure built in the State of Florida that is four floors or more, 50 feet high or has an occupancy rating of 500 people is subject to mandatory structural inspections by a representative of the owner. These are referred to as threshold inspections  and are subject to more than the minimum number of inspections required by the Florida Building Code. Nutting has the required personnel and expertise to provide structural inspections for both threshold and special/non-threshold type structures.

Our certified building inspectors perform under the general supervision of the in-house special/threshold inspector (James J. Flaig, P.E., 40+ years experience) and a project engineer. All building inspectors are experienced in various construction techniques and are either graduate engineers or certified by Florida Building Codes and Standards.

Special and threshold inspection services include:

Reinforced masonry, reinforcing steel
Concrete placement
Embedded items
Roof/floor sheathing; wall sheathing
Elevated floors and roofing systems
Wood load bearing wall framing
Wood roof/floor truss systems
Roof pull-out
Wall framing
Shoring and re-shoring between floor levels
Floor flatness testing

Miscellaneous Inspections

Pool backfill evaluations
Deep dynamic compaction
Ground modification monitoring
Concrete inspections
Fire proofing
Concrete moisture emissions (electronic in-situ probe)